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This book is for anyone who struggles with confidence. From a busy parent, to a student in school or college, it’s for everyone. 


Lots of people feel stuck or frustrated. Many people wish if they had a bit more self-confidence, they’d be able to do the things they want to do with their lives and feel better. Such as putting themselves out there in the dating world, asking for more money or time off at work, asking for needs and boundaries to be met by family members, starting a new business or project, or having the confidence to go to the gym. Where in your life could you use a little bit more confidence? We all have somewhere we could use an upgrade. This book is for the deep dives and for the instant boosts. We can profoundly upgrade our self-confidence, or we can do it in micro enhancements. We’re not changing who we are at our core, we’re stepping into more of ourselves. We’re getting to know ourselves, what we want, who we are, and best of all: we’re learning to trust ourselves, because authentic confidence is all about trust and knowingness of who we are.

I specialise in helping humans feel more confident within themselves and their daily lives, so they can be do and have all the things they want to do but can’t seem to make happen. In my practice we do a lot of work on our beliefs of the self, relieving stress, anxiety, shame, feelings of stuck-ness, and not good enough-ness. 


These are all things I struggled with growing up, including feeling unsafe to be seen and putting myself out there for fear of rejection. I’d heard all the old paradigm perspectives of what I thought confidence was: “being too big for your boots”, “a show-off”, “loud”, etc. I wanted to experience a different kind of confidence that embodied peace, warmth, and a gentle knowingness. I didn’t know many people like this growing up; it seemed a bit alien. I learned what that kind of confidence would feel like and embodied it. At the same time as integrating all the resistance, challenging experiences, and fears along the way. This gentle knowingness was actually authentic self-confidence. 


We experience levels of confidence on a spectrum, and can upgrade our current level to the next one at any time. We’re all amazing just as we are, but sometimes our internal software and programming needs an upgrade just like our smart phone does. Especially if we have programming that’s keeping our low or insecure self-confidence relevant (like feeling shame or not good enough). 

I’ve had a successful career in the fashion industry, as well as simultaneously running a creative therapy business for almost a decade. Many of the processes I used in those jobs are tried and tested, and now I use them in my coaching and counselling practice. I decided to compile everything together into one space: my new book.

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