Copy of Copy of WhaT the participants of my confideNce workshop say (YouTube Channel Art)


I'm Iona, your confidence and empowerment coach :)

Copy of Copy of WhaT the participants of my confideNce workshop say (YouTube Channel Art)

I am a life coach specialising in teaching authentic self confidence and empowerment. 

I have over a decade of experience and qualifications in business, coaching, therapy and counselling, bringing immediate relief to difficult feelings, circumstances and situations. 

I worked in the fashion and costume industry for 15 years, as well as running my own various businesses and organisations to help and support others. 

It is my passion to help others achieve their goals, dreams and desires though my coaching work. I have achieved so many "pinch me" moments and I am now fully prepared to show you how to get yours

I am a certified emotional freedom and breakthrough coach, and I am currently working on my level one detoxification qualification from the International School Of Detoxification. And well as my extensive experience and knowledge of business, manifestation, and making my dreams a reality, I am a specialist at detoxing the mental, emotional and physical body.

An example of who I currently work with:

-People seeking emotional freedom and relief in their jobs and relationships

-People who are ready to feel lighter from heavy baggage they've been carrying for a while

-People who feel confused, uncertain and unsure of what to do next

Even if you do not fall under these categories but feel like you require assistance, please do book an appointment with me below.

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