A 6 month private mastermind with group coaching

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Elevate is a six-month sacred container created for your growth. 

Sometimes, when we are ready to create the next level of success on our journey, be it financial, relationship, business, health, (or if we don’t quite know yet, but are ready for life to look and feel better), we feel overwhelmed.


It can be frustrating, daunting, and confusing.


What if you could help others figure it out at the same time as yourself? 

What if you could change the trajectory of your life, and future, with unimaginably amazing experiences in a group with other people who are doing the same?


My name is Iona, and I’m a life coach who has spent the last 15 years achieving my goals and success as an entrepreneur and philanthropist in the fashion and media industries. 

I ran a charitable non-profit organisation called Say It Ain’t Sew for almost ten years, providing support to people through the power of creativity. I led a team of facilitators who spread my message of social integration, positivity through creativity and mental health to thousands of people throughout Scotland, England and Europe. 

I was (and still am occasionally to keep my hand in 😉) the lead seamstress for touring shows of world-renowned musicians, bands and artists coming into Scotland, working with couture, and occasionally managing a team of seamstresses and costumiers. 

My stage, film and TV costumes designed and made in my numerous ateliers in Glasgow during the 2010's have travelled all over the world. 

I lived and worked in London as an accessories designer, pattern cutter and sample seamstress for UK concession brands.

I taught design and entrepreneurship in many universities and colleges across Scotland. 

I presented sewing, fashion, and creativity across several UK TV channels, often live (eek!). 

I taught creativity and fashion design in Scottish young offenders facilities.

I ran creativity and meditation workshops for Women's Aid and asylum seeker refuges (Hemat Gryffe and Unity). 

I taught hand sewing in 40+ primary schools to P3 - P6's across Glasgow and it's surrounding counties. 

I ran weekend evening community clothes recycling and fashion classes for local high school students in the Renfrewshire and Paisley areas, to combat teenage alcoholism and mental health concerns. 

I officially certified as a life coach during the pandemic to support others via my laptop from home. During this time I ran a free mastermind group of over 50 women called PowerGirlz, that taught the basics of spirituality, Law Of Attraction, manifestation and growth during the lockdowns. 

I did all this while also working many part-time and full-time waitressing, retail, service industry jobs. 

It was an era!


Out of all these moments, my favourites were always leading, inspiring and motivating groups of people. It wasn’t because I wanted to be the boss (I experienced extremely low confidence, feelings of not good enough and imposter syndrome for a long time). It was because I saw and appreciated the power a group of people have when coming together with a common goal to collaborate, solve problems and encourage each other. It feels so satisfying to see people do good sh*t and love it. Growing up I experienced and saw a lot of hurt in the world, and all I ever really wanted to do was provide some relief for myself and others. For a long time I did that by using the thing that always helped me: creativity. However, during 2020 I realised that I could set aside the sewing kit and just coach. So I certified and then got very excited about elevating my service to humankind. 


I have proof and first-hand experience that when a group of two or more like-minded people come together in harmony, working towards a common goal, it creates a vessel for unprecedented growth.


This is the power of humanity. This is the power of a mastermind group.

This mastermind group is aimed at coaches, service-based entrepreneurs, creatives, and all individuals who can feel their potential but are experiencing something(s) that feel bad, for example self-doubt or fear. Elevate is designed to help you transform all the reasons why you cannot do what it is that you truly want to do. Rise above it all, elevate yourself. 

Give me all the reasons why you feel that you don't deserve, are unworthy of or don't feel safe to have the things you desire, and I will show you how it must happen. It's your birthright. 

We will cover topics that blend spirituality and success; the groundwork so that you can experience freedom, authentic self-confidence in yourself and your abilities, next level experiences, magic, and miracles in your personal and professional life​. I am also always available to teach strategies, tools and processes on starting and running a successful business, aligned sales and making money, creating and strengthening relationships, how to transform any and all circumstances that are not preferred, and how to cultivate and calibrate to your elevated self. 


I really struggled for a long time. Fears of being not good enough, shame, powerlessness and making mistakes held me back. I also felt the intense need to prove myself in order to be accepted. I needed to work really bloody hard to be loved by others, to feel like a good person. Then one day I decided that feeling this way was not helping anyone, and it certainly was not helping me. It was time to feel worthy and good enough. Perspective was and is everything. My mission of service to others, to the world was far more important than any of the BS that I had been telling myself my whole life. I desired to create my own standards, to cultivate the feelings of belonging. I chose to believe that everyone (including myself) is worthy of feeling important, loved, supported, seen, heard and accepted. 

This mastermind with group coaching is built on a foundation of:

💞Community 💞Cooperation 💞Collaboration 


Elevate is aimed at those who are ready to rise in their confidence and perspectives of themselves and experience a completely New Paradigm. There has been no better time to elevate. 

For six months you will be guided and supported through processes for transforming limiting beliefs, doubt, fears and perspectives that are not serving your life experience. ​

The container is a place for you to freely express yourself, meet like-minded people, learn about yourself, play with life-changing perspectives, strategies, and tools, and exist in a solid support group that has your back: one that will celebrate you every step of the way.

On our regular calls you can ask questions, receive support, and learn new skills and strategies to elevate as a creator of your own reality, no matter what stage of life you are in. You will receive daily journal prompts and exercises to help you transform. It is only through consistency that we can build new neural pathways and perspectives that support our success. 

You know you are meant for great things; you can feel it in your heart, body, and sometimes you catch glimmers in your mind. 

Elevate is a safe space for you to be seen, loved, accepted, and guided to your next level, wherever you are on your journey. You can safely share knowing that you are important, accepted and seen, it's safe to be seen.

The Elevate Mastermind is £444 paid in full, (in advance via PayPal or Bank Transfer), OR a payment plan option of  £88 at the start of the month for 6 months (a total payment of £528)


If you would like to pay weekly (£22/week) then please state that in your application as I can accommodate this.


PLEASE NOTE The price of Elevate FOR NEW APPLICATIONS will increase to £555 on the 15th of May, with a payment plan option of £99 at the start of the month for 6 months, (a total payment of £594), and increase every month from then onwards.

If you signed up before this time then your price will stay the same lower May price for the duration of the 6 months.

Elevate consists of:

🛗Group calls on Sundays, every 2 weeks

🛗One private coaching one on one session with Iona

🛗Group peer support chat and access to Iona 24/7 via the Telegram group

😎*BONUS* Monday-Friday journal prompts, affirmations for success, and experience-expanding exercises

😎*BONUS* A PDF of my books, one every 2 months: A No BS Guide To Self Care, A Few Reasons Why You're Good Enough, You're Already A Rockstar

What people say about my work:

“Iona helped me understand that by shifting my priorities from doing-state to being-state was all the change I needed to really make a difference in my life”. 


“The words and descriptions Iona chooses to explore our perceptions are so clearly and beautifully explained. Her energy is fun, straight to the point and compassionate. I felt so much lighter, from feeling not good enough to a powerful femme fierce boss of my own reality”. 


“Iona is so intuitive and very adept at creating comfortable environments that allow you to move easily forward towards what you want. I have new ideas, new energy and newly found confidence in myself. Thank you Iona for helping me to change my perspective!” 


”Iona has a golden spirit which shines through immediately. So if you truly want a change in your life, go for Iona!”. 


”So much of what Iona said sounded familiar, but she works unseen magic that was obvious only as I realised how relaxed I was becoming. My to-do list evaporated as I stopped procrastinating and started to do what felt right. Now I see the magic everywhere. Thank you for opening my eyes Iona”. 


“Iona’s approach is so creative! She helped me shift a belief which I held for 10+years. Thanks again for your time, knowledge, insights and inspiration! It has really added value to my life”. 

We always have opportunity to transform our lives for the better, whether it’s to experience more freedom, love, or consistent success. It takes courage and action. Until we step up to take the action to elevate, we are living with potential energy. Let’s turn that potentiality into inevitability. ​


Please fill in the application below to join us on this beautiful journey together.


Going UP!


Iona x


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