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Upgrade Your Self-Confidence



I’m Iona, a coach and counsellor.

I specialise in helping humans feel more confident within themselves and their daily lives, so they can be, do, and have all the things they want but can’t seem to make happen. In my practice we do a lot of work on our beliefs of the self, relieving stress, anxiety, shame, feelings of stuck-ness, and not good enough-ness, trauma relief, and complex post traumatic stress. 


For the month of December 2023 I'm offering 4 sessions of private coaching for the amazing price of £320.

Usually I only offer 12 weeks minimum of coaching, but I understand how stressful the festive season can be for so many of us.  

The sessions can be all in one week, split up over two weeks, or one a week for 4 weeks. 

It is entirely up to you, your needs and your availability!

Click the Buy Now button at the top or bottom of this page if you are ready to start coaching asap. 

I will send you an email once I have received payment and we can arrange the dates of the 4 sessions.

I have 5 spots for this, so availability is limited.

There will be an option to continue once the 4 sessions are done if you feel you may need some more. 

This is how the coaching sessions work:

In most of the sessions, depending on what we are working on, I use an emotional coaching technique called Belief Tree. This is where we explore a baseline emotion, for example “feeling not good enough”, with the intention of reframing and transforming it. We score the emotion from 0-10, and we work towards bringing it down to the lowest number possible, or where it is no longer relevant. This technique gives my clients the most permanent relief around their circumstances and heavy emotions. We also do some counselling if there are any challenging emotions that come up, and especially with the inner child.


Some other techniques I use are: Inner child work (communication and safe space), inner critic work, tapping, visualisation, and general chat about whatever you are experiencing at that time. I use mostly person-centred therapy, but i am qualified to counsel on complex trauma, childhood trauma, CPTSD, and chronic stress. 

I get my clients to take note throughout the week of anything they’d like to work on during the session if they like. 

Click the button below and let's get started!

Iona x

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